W.H. Kingsmill Ltd is proud to announce our new line of Peen Check shot peen products.  We stock a full selection of premium products including Almen Strips, Almen Gauges, Almen Blocks and the all-new Peen Check Pen.

Premium Grade Almen Strips:  Our Almen strips are made to meet or exceed the latest SAE and AMS specifications.  These top quality strips are put through extensive quality control tests to ensure our customers receive the most accurate and clean strips available.  In-stock for quick shipping!

Peen Check Pen:  The newest and quickest way to gauge your shot peen coverage and uniformity.  After peening has occurred, a simple inspection with UV light will highlight the peen coverage and uniformity. Quick and simple.

UV Lights: Powerful, reliable, and affordable. W.H. Kingsmill Ltd’s selection of Ultra Violet (UV) Inspection lights includes a variety of AC powered and Cordless/Rechargeable units for every job site.

Almen Gauges and Almen Blocks:  Made to meet or exceed all required specifications.  Made in North America!