PeenCheck Pens

PeenCheck Pen

Peen Check Pens



Determining shot peen coverage rates can be difficult when surfaces include grooves, fillets, cavities and other holes. Enter the PeenCheck Process!

This process verifies coverage in terms of amount and uniformity of peening by monitoring the degree of removal of a fluorescent tracer dye.  This dye, known as PeenCheck fluid, is specially formulated depending on the hardness of the surface and the intensity of the shot peening. It can be applied easily in small areas using our special PeenCheck Pen.  The degree of removal of the PeenCheck fluid is then   monitored by examining the part with the powerful Cross Check UV (Ultra Violet) light.

PeenCheck Pen ‘A’ – Soft:

Use for softer base metals, softer shot, or lower peening intensity

6 pens per pack

PeenCheck Pen ‘B’ – Hard:

Use for harder base metals, harder shot, or higher peening intensity

6 pens per pack


The PeenCheck Pens were developed to support shot peen coverage inspections using fluorescent tracer as referenced within:  AMS-S-13165, AMS-2430, AMS-2432, ABPI-2028, D50TF9, P11TF8, PWA-6, SS-8766 and SAE-J2277.

A Material Safety Data Sheet accompanies this Certificate of Conformance that quantifies physical and chemical characteristics of the fluorescent tracer solution.